Treating Knee Injuries

BiMAL specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of sport, leisure and work-related knee injuries. In addition to carrying out a knee assessment (using video analysis, isokinetics, X-ray, CT and MRI scans etc), we fully investigate associated leg structures to determine the cause and consequence of the injury. With over-use injuries, we establish the mechanical influences from other joints which may have contributed to the condition - so that we can address these areas to prevent recurrent injury.

BiMAL can help you overcome knee injuries and improve the bio-mechanical efficiency or dynamic stability of your knee. We provide all the services needed:

  • Preventive management
  • Sports and industrial rehabilitation
  • Pre and post-operative treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Custom knee braces
  • Liaison with surgical team




'BiMAL accurately indentified the cause of my persistent knee pain.'

Samuel, fireman.

Samuel, fireman

Our dianosis revealed that Samuel had a patella tendon injury and that the cause was pronated feet (flat footedness). Samuel's foot condition increased the pressure through his knee by altering the stresses through his patella tendon. Due to his work activity levels, the repetetive loading of his knee resulted in inflamation and scarring of the tendon. We measured the strength of Samuel's knee to decide how much his leg muscles were being inhibited by the scar tissue in the tendon. We treated the condition with physiotherapy techniques and addressed the mechanical cause with orthotics (custom-made insoles for Samuel's shoes).