Treating Orthopaedic & Neurological Conditions

At BiMAL, we are equipped to diagnose and treat acute and chronic orthopaedic injuries (those relating to bone, muscles, tendons and ligaments) and neurological conditions (those relating to the nervous system). Our hands-on approach can often bring about a significant reduction in pain while paving the way to a long-term solution. Excercise programmes, based on objective measurement of affected joints, concentrate on increasing flexibility and delveloping muscle strength/performance.

Our services encompass the following:

  • Thorough clinical assessment of injury
  • Analysis of muscle imbalance and movement patterns
  • Assessment of associated bodily involvement
  • Organisation of X-rays and scans
  • Physiotherapy and osteopathy treatment
  • Advice on coaching and training techniques
  • Design of exercise programmes
  • Gymnasium facilities




'A chronic shoulder injury some years ago badly affected my golf swing. BiMAL helped me overcome the problem.'

Alistair, leisure sportsman.

Alistair, leisure sportsman

Following X-ray and clinical assessment, we established that Alistair had a calcified tendon in his shoulder. Although his long-standing condition could not be cured, it was possible to reduce the symptoms and return Alistair to a respectable handicap! We ensured the should musculature was suitably strong and flexible - and that the surrounding structures were strong enough to compensate for the inherent weakness. We also checked that there was no compensatory neck, upper back or neurological involvement which might have complicated the condition. We then checked Alistair's shoulder function on our Cybex system. This gave us the data with which to establish an exercise programme to build muscular support around the weakness in Alistair's shoulder.