At BiMAL Medical and Sports Rehabilitation Clinic we specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic orthopaedic, neurological and sports injuries!

BiMAL offers years of experience and a reputation for solving problems by addressing all aspects of a patient's clinical condition. This holistic approach is achieved through careful analysis and by ensuring our patients have access to the combined skills of consultant physicians, physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists and other allied health professionals.


Our goal is to quantify all the key factors involved in a patient's condition. We achieve this by combining our diagnostic expertise with the use of a wide range of high-technology measurement techniques such as isokinetic testing and video analysis. This enables us to identify and eliminiate the underlying causes of problems and gives us the accurate data we need to design a treatment programme. With this solid foundation, we can apply our manual clinical skills and progressive exercise therapy to maximum effect.


BiMAL delivers a service to an enormous variety of people - from children to pensioners and from amateur sports devotees to the world's sporting elite.


So how can we help you to full health and fitness?


The Right DiagnosisThe BiMAL Clinic is one of the best equipped facilties in the country.

Getting to the Cause of the Problems

ConditioningBiMAL helps people with all aspects of maintaining peak performance.


Treating Knee InjuriesBiMAL specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries.

Treating orthopaedic & neurological conditions

Solving Back PainAt BiMAL, we diagnose, treat and manage all back pain conditions.